From Insight to Impact

Insightful3 offers deep-dive Insights Exploration Workshops, personalized Insights Coaching and experiential Insights Mentorship, designed to uncover and address the systemic challenges within your organization. Explore our offer to embark on a journey of profound organizational and personal growth.

Insights Exploration Workshop

For those interested in a focused exploration of their organizational dynamics we offer Insights Exploration Workshop. This workshop provides a deep dive into current challenges, offering new perspectives and actionable insights. Workshop involves:

  • An initial meeting to understand your challenges and define exploration topics.
  • A deep-dive half-day workshop, allowing us to explore the current situation, uncover entanglements, and gain insights into their origins.
  • A guidance session to gather insights and outline actionable steps forward.

For a more in-depth exploration of method used, please refer to the following article.

Insights Coaching

The Insights Coaching starts with pinpointing challenges and setting coaching goals. Coaching sessions are tailored to your needs. We prioritize current issues, guiding you to new perspectives and insights through deep exploration of your thoughts and emotions. We are experienced to hold the needed energy space for you and to lead you into seeing things from different perspectives, mirroring what is sensed around you, opening up to your blindspot(s) or limiting beliefs that hold you exactly where you are. We are helping you reach important insights that can transform everything. 

For an in-depth look at our coaching approach, we invite you to read the following article.

Even one coaching session can give you insight that is for some period of time just enough for you. However, working in some continuity is giving even better results since with continuous support you are more easily transferring/integrating new skills/actions into everyday life. This journey entails deep work, necessitating your engagement beyond our sessions. We encourage you to dedicate time for reflecting on tailored assignments and immersing yourself in the materials we may provide, ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared for the profound exploration in your next session.

Insights Mentorship

The Insights Mentorship begins by accurately assessing your current situation and establishing clear, personalized mentorship objectives. Our sessions are tailored to address your unique needs, offering the supportive guidance of coaching enriched with our profound business acumen. Our journey through the corporate world, leading and transforming highly successful companies, has endowed us with invaluable insights and a deep understanding of what drives organizational success.

Our mentorship program is anchored in the fundamental question: Why? We champion a purpose-driven approach, believing that a true purpose is the cornerstone of every successful company. From this foundation, we shift our focus to people, where values are paramount. A vibrant and sustainable culture is born from these values. This progression from purpose to people underpins our methodology, guiding every strategy and action to ensure they are purpose-driven and people-centric. By nurturing the development and well-being of individuals within your organization, we foster an environment where teams flourish and contribute significantly.

In our transformational journey, we explore various business areas, consider challenges from a systemic perspective, and strive to help the system regain its balance. Our areas of strongest impact include: Leadership Development, Talent Development and Management, Team Building and Collaboration, Performance Management, Organizational Culture, Organizational Design, Operational Excellence, Strategic Planning and Execution, Innovation and Creativity, Change Management, Crisis Management, Resilience Building and Technology.

Whether you’re refining your leadership style, enhancing team effectiveness, navigating information technology landscapes, or scaling your operations, we’re here to guide, support, and inspire your journey to success. Our flexible Coaching and Mentorship packages are designed to support your transformative journey and are available in three different durations—3, 6, or 12 months—each offering a varying number of coaching or mentorship sessions (9, 15, or 27 sessions). Here are the options:

Journey 1:1 with Elma

Meet Elma as a coach/mentor

Journey 1:1 with Mitja

Meet Mitja as a coach/mentor

Journey 1 + 1 = 3 with Elma & Mitja

 Insights Transformation Packages

Our signature offering combines the depth of Insights Exploration Workshop with the ongoing support of Insights Coaching or Insights Mentorship, structured into three meticulously designed packages: