Meet the Team

Elma Zevnik

Co-founder / Insights Director

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and over two decades of experience in the information technology and services industry, I have honed my skills as a leader and coach/mentor. My journey has taken me through various top management positions where I’ve melded the worlds of people, technology, and business, crafting solutions that are as innovative as they are effective.

My curiosity has always stretched beyond the conventional, delving into the realms of esoteric knowledge and practices like energy work, intuition, and karma. With seven years of experience as a therapist of Diagnostics of Karma and as a facilitator of Systemic Business Constellations, I bring a unique perspective to leadership and organizational dynamics.

I’ve explored numerous alternative approaches, adopting what resonates and recognizing the potential in practices even when they weren’t a direct fit for me. Each of us walks a distinct path in life, yet beneath our individual stories, there’s a thread that binds us all together. This underlaying unity, subtle yet powerful, invites us to ponder its beauty and depth.

In my life, I embrace many roles and I appreciate each one of them. A mother who loves and nurtures her daughter, a daughter who respects and honors her parents, a wife who supports and cherishes her husband, a sister you can always rely on, a lover who expresses and shares her passion, a friend who listens and cares, a business woman who manages and leads, a colleague who cooperates and contributes, a healer who guides and assists one’s healing, a mentor who teaches and inspires, a coach who asks crazy questions and empowers, a singer who sings and entertains, a gardener who plants and grows… Each of these roles enriches my understanding and empathy, qualities I bring to every interaction and endeavor.

At Insightful3, I integrate my diverse professional expertise and personal passions to fulfill my life’s mission. I am dedicated to supporting individuals and organizations in rediscovering their true purpose and unlocking their inherent powers to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Mitja Kravos

Founder / Managing Director

My career began in the intricate world of engineering, where the precision of logic meets the creativity of problem-solving. This foundation paved the way for my journey into leadership, where I have embraced roles that span the breadth of company and people leadership to the forefront of technology innovation. My experience in C-level positions has been marked by a dual focus: steering organizations towards technological excellence and fostering environments where people’s brilliance can shine.

Technology ignites my passion, presenting an ever-expanding frontier of innovation and possibilities for societal advancement. Yet, it is the pulse of humanity – our collective intelligence, creativity, and spirit – that truly inspires me. With a purpose-first mindset, I lead by placing people at the heart of every decision, building teams that are as progressive in their outlook as they are impactful in their output.

Leading with empathy, I am committed to co-creating solutions that not only solve immediate challenges but also enrich the fabric of our work environment. I believe in the power of a people-centric approach, where leadership is about elevating others, recognizing their potential, and enabling them to thrive.

Each day represents an opportunity for personal and professional growth, an ethos I embody by striving to be better than I was yesterday. Infusing the joy into our work, I advocate for a culture where technology and humanity intersect seamlessly, crafting a future where innovation serves not just our immediate needs but elevates our shared experiences.

At Insightful3, I bring together my passion for technology, my dedication to human potential, and my leadership experience. My aim is to support organizations in navigating the complexities of today’s world, leveraging technology as a force for good, and unlocking the extraordinary capabilities within individuals and teams.

Meet Elma as a Coach/Mentor

Elma’s approach is as dynamic and results-driven as your aspirations. With a laser-focused mindset on achieving tangible outcomes, Elma embodies the essence of efficiency and effectiveness. She’s the epitome of directness; there’s no room for fluff or sugar-coating with her. Elma values clarity and certainty, ensuring that every interaction is to the point and every step is sure-footed. Her no-nonsense approach cuts through the clutter, paving the way for genuine progress and real results.

As a knowledgeable and competent leader, Elma stands firm in the face of challenges and questions, turning each into a stepping stone towards your success. She has an ability to identify opportunities, often in places others might overlook. Her proactive nature means that action is taken swiftly, keeping pace with the fast-moving environment that thrives on immediacy and decisiveness. Elma is a risk-taker, unafraid to venture into the unknown or to rely on her intuition when facts are scarce or uncertain.

In times of crisis, Elma is the calm within the storm – exuding confidence and a soothing calmness that reassures those she guides. Her leadership style is not just about navigating through challenges but about transforming them into victories, instilling in you a profound sense of trust in her capabilities and in the path she lays out.

Choosing Elma as your coach/mentor means choosing someone who is not just supporting your goals but is committed to transforming them into realities together. With Elma, you’re not just planning for success; you’re propelled towards it with a confidence and pace that matches your ambition. Let Elma guide you to not only meet your goals but to surpass them, turning potential into performance, and dreams into achievements.

Meet Mitja as a Coach/Mentor

Mitja’s very essence is about inspiring transformation and fostering growth. At the heart of his coaching/mentoring philosophy is a deep-seated motivation to take action and genuinely help people. This isn’t just a job; it’s his calling. Mitja stands out through his unyielding determination paired with a profound sense of care for each individual he works with. He is deeply committed to understanding the ‘why’ behind your goals, choosing to work with those whose purpose resonates with him and ignites a shared passion for achieving meaningful outcomes.

Mitja sees challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and learning. He sets clear, overarching objectives, always with the big picture in mind, guiding you to not just meet but exceed your personal and professional expectations. The goal? To redefine what success means for you, focusing not solely on the destination but cherishing the journey itself. He believes that the path toward your goals is what life is all about – embracing each moment with joy and learning.

Energy is contagious, and Mitja brings an abundance of positive, vibrant energy to every session, igniting inspiration and driving progress. Rather than focusing solely on the outcomes, he encourages a celebration of each step taken towards achieving your goals, ensuring a journey filled with discovery, joy, and fulfillment. With Mitja, you’ll embark on a journey to become the best version of yourself.

Choosing Mitja as your coach/mentor means embarking on a journey of self-discovery and achievement with someone who genuinely cares about your success and will be with you every step of the way. Let Mitja help you unlock your potential and achieve the extraordinary, all while enjoying the journey that takes you there.